How It Works

1 - Choose a plan out of 3 options

2 - Choose a monthly Benefit: $500 - $3000

3 - Choose benefit period: 6 - 24 months

4 - Options for spouse, dependent children and return of premium

5 - Calculate a rate - It is that simple!

Major Advantages:

  • Guaranteed renewable for life
  • Enhanced Long-Term Care benefits
  • Pays benefits upon diagnosis
  • Pays cash benefits
  • Pays first day-no waiting period
  • Policy can restore multiple times
  • Keeps paying benefit if you pass

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Did You Know?

Cancer, heart attacks & strokes caused 80% of new critical illness claims in 2010." 1

Alzheimer's, Strokes and Cancer represent over 70% of Long Term Care claims paid." 2

1 in 2 men & women will be diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime." 3

A Critical Care Plan can pay cash benefits upon diagnosis for all covered conditions — and benefits may increase when confined to an Assisted Living Facility or Nursing Home as a result."

5 Reasons Why Critical Illness Insurance Can Help You:

  • Be comfortable while you recover
  • Get the treatment you need
  • Spend time with your family and friends
  • Keep your home and other assets
  • Peace of mind knowing you're covered!

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